Crt Side - The Linkedin of Basketball

I specialize in SaaS/Enterprise Software Design for both B2B and B2C companies. Designed products for over 200 million users and generated billions of dollars in revenue.

I was the lead Product Designer at Crt Side, helping drive the design for the startup. The CEO's and business goals were to design a beautiful app and prototype MVP for them to secure some funding to hire a remote developer team and then build the MVP Product. 

The company was able to secure its funding but shut down soon after. 

My design process was a little different than how I would go about it at my full-time job. Since I was brought in as a freelancer and was the sole designer, I had a lot of freedom, but we also didn't have many resources. 

I would have weekly meetings with the CEO and Marketing Director to discuss what they'd love to add as features. I would then take the week to design them out. 

I noticed I was reusing parts over and over, so I took the initiative to build them out a small starter Design System and component library. 

I would build these components using Figma's auto-layout feature to ensure that my designs were consistent. 

After I would finish a few features, I would take the time to prototype then what we had so far and share that with the stakeholders and management team. 

We did have a few athletes that would use the app when it launched and would test the prototypes, and we would run features by them as a small user research operation. 


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