At P+, we worked on a lot of small one-off projects/details for parts of our product. This was on top of the larger features we were assigned.

One of these smaller projects was to add icons to our movies and shows pages on iOS and Android devices.

With this project, I worked closely with two front-end developers both from our iOS Swift team and our Android team.

I saw through the whole project by going through various days of design, development, and quality assurance.

I had to look at the build on test devices to ensure they were all aligned properly and the spacing around each icon and the components above them.

This part was difficult for the dev team, and we had to come up with creative solutions that I presented in order for it to work properly on all phone screen sizes.

- Conducted a kickoff meeting with the research team to gain insights into user behaviors and preferences on TV platforms

- Created user personas based on the research findings to inform design decisions

- Collaborated with the UX team to develop a site map and user flow for the home page

- Created low-fidelity wireframes to test the layout and content placement of the home page

- Conducted user testing on the wireframes to gain feedback and refine the design

- Developed high-fidelity prototypes that included visual design and interactive elements

- Tested the prototypes on Apple TV and other devices to ensure compatibility and usability

- Incorporated Paramount Plus' design system into the high-fidelity designs for consistency and branding

- Conducted Quality Assurance checks to ensure the designs were pixel-perfect and met accessibility standards

- Collaborated with the development team to hand off the designs and work together to ensure the interaction design was seamless and technically feasible

- Conducted user testing on the final product to ensure the design met user needs and preferences.

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